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Conservation Internships and Volunteering

Conservation Internships and Volunteering

Our conservation internships and volunteering opportunities are essential to making our on the ground research and project implementation happen.

Looking to gain hands-on experience and complete an internship in environmental protection, wildlife research or natural resource management? University students also have the opportunity to get involved in our work. We welcome students of any degree level and can help you get a co-op visa if necessary.

Contact us to discuss ideas for your own research or conservation project you would like to undertake.

Check out our Research, Projects and Referrals to see how you can get involved.

We have the following opportunities available for volunteers and interns who want to contribute to something larger than themselves:

As we are located in a remote wilderness area, we provide volunteers with room and board in exchange for their help. 

All our internships and volunteer opportunities are facilitated through our partner, Trails to Empowerment, find out more about them on Our Partners Page:

Take a Trails to Empowerments website to see if what we offer aligns with your interests, goals and purspose for your internship or volunteering:

Then, take Trails to Empowerment’s Wilderness Readiness Survey to start your journey.