For 30 years our Conservation and Stewardship Projects have been putting our research results into action. We are implementing a variety of projects, some of them are listed under the categories of Fauna, Flora, Resource Management. 

We take responsibility for protecting the Chilcotin Ark as an ecologically important area into perpetuity and are actively practicing Evergreen Land Plans and educating others about their regulations:



Resource Management

Our goal is to create a working landscape in the Chilcotin Ark, where sustainable land management and resource use in between protected areas is implemented and monitored by all land and resource users like First Nations, farmers, ranchers, guide outfitters, forestry and mining guided by the Evergreen Stewardship Plans.

Our partner the Stewardship Foundation is promoting sustainable natural resource use and presents the Evergreen Stewardship Plans for the Chilcotin Ark and its sub regions. The following categories reflect the structure and information of the Stewardship Plans according to governmental planning policies. All management directions constructed in the Evergreen Stewardship Plans are made based on government data from one or more of the following sources:

  1. Published policies from government
  2. Government sponsored or supported scientific research
  3. Traditional knowledge from wildlife practitioners
  4. Direction from past Land and Resource Management Plans


We work with many other stakeholders to ensure the development of the area is sustainably managed and doesn’t impact the natural resources that are essential for the economy and environment in a negative way.

These development referrals come from stakeholders like First Nations, tourism operators, livestock farmers, logging and mining industry. We are involved in project planning including road access and deactivation, developments that cause wildlife displacement and habitat fragmentation. Our input is based on the information in the Stewardship Plans of the Chilcotin Ark, research that has been conducted in the area and our local knowledge from 30 years of operation.