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The Chilcotin Ark Institute

The Chilcotin Ark Institute is committed to creating a working landscape concept and management that sustains viable populations of species in the Chilcotin Ark. To do so we facilitate and conduct research, conservation projects and Evergreen Stewardship Plans in the Ark. We promote responsible resource and land management guided by the Evergreen Stewardship Plans. For this we encourage all entities and governments to take responsibility like the federal, provincial and regional government, First Nations, land owners, farmers, ranchers, guide outfitters, tourism operators, forestry and mining.The tool we use for measuring the success of our conservation efforts is to achieve maximum wildlife population numbers for the habitat‘s potential carrying capacity, this being the indicator for sustainable land management.


We work in the Chilcotin Ark, a complex 2.5 million hectare ecosystem located on the lee side of the Coast Range Mountains. The Arks’ high ecological value can be measured by the variety of biogeoclimatic zones. 13 of the 16 biogeoclimatic zones of British Columbia are represented in the Chilcotin Ark. The Chilcotin Ark is home to 11 of the 29 big game species of North America. The numbers of the biogeoclimatic zones and species show that the Ark is one of the most diverse areas in BC.

Citizen Science & Wildlife Observation

Are you looking to contribute to research in the Chilcotin Ark as you visit the area?

Record your observations and share them to strengthen the database and knowledge about wildlife in the Chilcotin Ark. We utilize the collected data to monitor species populations and gain information about current trends.
Fill in the online wildlife survey to share your observations.

Learn about research opportunities in the Chilcotin Ark

Chilcotin Ark Institute

It is our responsibility as wilderness stewards to act as stewards of the Chilcotin Ark and we’ve been committed to this for thirty years with on the ground research and projects. We have provided support for independent research projects in the Chilcotin Ark for the last 30 years, for those who are part of a university, conservation organization or independent group or individual. Found out more about the research and projects we currently work on and future research.

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