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Conservation Trips

Conservation Trips

Contribute to conservation and stewardship in the Chilcotin Ark by joining our partner organization, Chilcotin Holidays, on 5 or 7 day conservation trips.

We know that change begins within and for over 30 years our partners have facilitated wilderness and stewardship programs and trips that enhance mental, spiritual, intellectual and physical evolution of individuals that seek to make a difference in their own lives and the world and inspire them to contribute to be wilderness stewards.

Find out more about Chilcotin Holidays on our partner page.

Reconnecting to nature and wilderness can be a humbling and inspiring experience and facilitates the foundation for personal transformation and a deeper level of awareness. It is those experiences that empower individuals to pursue goals and visions greater than themselves and contribute their passion, initiative and action to create positive change for their environment and become Stewards of the Wilderness.

Connecting to nature is one of the best ways to cultivate appreciation and awareness of the natural world. Our partners’ conservation trips take guests to the next level, helping them make a contribution to the wilderness they care about.

During your conservation trip you will gain hands-on experience collecting data for the following:

  • Wildlife population surveys
  • Invasive species removal
  • Range management
  • Subalpine grass surveys
  • White bark pine population surveys

Take Trails to Empowerment’s Wilderness Readiness Survey to start your journey.

Find out more about Trails to Empowerment on our partner page