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Future Research

Over the last 30 years we have focused our work on the Bridge River Watershed area, with a special focus on the South Chilcotin Mountains, located in the south eastern corner of the Chilcotin Ark. We are now expanding our conservation and stewardship research and projects to the whole Chilcotin Ark to ensure habitat connectivity and climate change resilience.

Future Research: 

  • “Mountain Goat habitat suitability in times of climate change”. This study combines land survey photographs from 1947 and our existing data to understand long-term landscape changes and the impact on habitat suitability. This contributes to enhanced management of mountain goat habitat for the future
  • Grizzly Migration Pattern Monitoring throughout the Chilcotin Ark
  • Plant Pollen Analysis of Glaciers to determine changes in species distribution over time
  • Predator damage on ungulate populations and the impacts on the ecosystems
  • Impact of climate change on alpine flowers and grasses as food sources 
  • Climate change resilience and adaptation of wildlife and ecosystems
  • California Bighorn Sheep Collaring Project to understand migrations patterns of Relay Creek herd