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Government Referrals

We work with many other stakeholders to ensure the development of the area is sustainably managed and doesn’t impact the natural resources that are essential for the economy and environment in a negative way. As these stakeholders are local businesses and licence holders in the area, they receive government referrals when other companies submit proposals which would create change in the area and impact other stakeholders and the environment.

These development referrals come from stakeholders like First Nations, tourism operators, livestock farmers, logging and mining industry. We are involved in project planning including road access and deactivation, developments that cause wildlife displacement and habitat fragmentation. Our input is based on the information in the government Stewardship Plans of the Chilcotin Ark, research that has been conducted in the area, government policies and research, direction from past Land and Resource Management Plans and local knowledge.

Government Referrals


LocationBridge River Watershed
Company NameTLH Heli-Ski Ltd.
Development ProposalTLH Heli-Ski Management Plan
Summary of issuesDisplacement of mountain goat and big horn sheep.
SolutionCancel ski runs on the Shulaps Mountains and Relay Tyaughton area to reduce sheep displacement issue. Restrict flight path to stay away from mountain goat winter ranges and reduce risk of displacement.

Ski-Touring and Hiking

LocationMcGillivray Pass / Connel Creek
Company NameWhite Cap Resorts Ltd.
Development ProposalSki Touring / Hiking Operation
Summary of issuesPotential displacement of mountain goat from prime habitat winter and summer. Grizzly bear displacement from prime habitat in summer.
SolutionMitigation strategy needed.

Horse Pack Trip

DateJanuary 2004
LocationChilcotin Mountains
Company NameRex Mount Ranch Ltd. DBA Spruce Lake Adventures
Development ProposalCR Application of horse pack trip operation
Summary of issuesCamp and horse grazing conflicts with existing operations. Potential limit of carrying capacity of some areas. Wildlife displacement from prime habitat.
SolutionSeparate areas of use and disperse use.

Horse Pack Trip and ATV Use

DateJanuary 2004
LocationBridge River Valley
Company NameTyax Resort
Development ProposalCR Application for horse pack trip and ATV operation.
Summary of issuesNo grazing tenure for horses and want ATV access into subalpine. Cabin location displacing mountain sheep herds on Shulaps Mountain Noaxe Lake.
SolutionPack in feed for horse trips. No new road development for ATVs into subalpine and limited camp development.

Mountain Biking

LocationChilcotin Mountains
Company NameTyax Air
Development ProposalCR Application for mountain biking in the Chilcotin Mountains.
Summary of issuesNon-compatible use of horse trails and safety risk to horses and riders by mountain bikers.
SolutionPre-trip orientation to be given to mountain bikers. Guided mountain bike trips only. Notice to horse pack trips of future bike trips so avoidance schedule can be developed. Limit speed of mountain bikers.

Hiking and Mountaineering

Date 2004
LocationHurley River Road
Company NameCanada West Mountain School Inc.
Development ProposalCR Application for hiking and mountaineering activities in Railway Pass.
Summary of issuesNo issues

Cat-Ski and Lodge

LocationGrouty Peak / Hurley River Road
Company NameBackcountry Snowcats Ltd.
Development ProposalHurley Cat Ski and Year-Round Lodge
Summary of issuesPotential displacement of mountain goats, grizzly bears and moose from prime habitat.
SolutionMitigation plan needed.

Heli-Ski and Snowmobiling

LocationHurley Pass / Lone Goat
Company Name and ParticipantsWhistler Heli-Ski Commercial Snowmobilers Public Snowmobilers
Development ProposalJoint Use Agreement
Summary of issuesOverlapping use conflicts between heli-skiing, snowmobile companies, and public snowmobiles.
SolutionSeparate use areas to reduce conflict between snowmobilers and heli-skiers. Set limits for number of snowmobilers to use area. Match experience to carrying capacity.


LocationEldorado Area / Slim Creek Area
Company NameTLH Heli-Ski
Development ProposalReview of heli-ski activities.
Summary of issuesPotential conflict between snowmobilers and heli-ski operations. Potential displacement of mountain goat from prime wintering grounds.
SolutionSeparate use areas to reduce conflict between snowmobiles and heli-skiers. Helicopters stay away from goat wintering areas on south aspects and wind-swept ridges.

Cattle Grazing

LocationMarshal Lake
Company NamePhil and Mandy Rogers
Development ProposalMarshal Lake Area New Cattle Grazing Tenure
Summary of issuesPotential overgrazing on big horn sheep and deer wintering area, south of Carol Lake. Potential conflict between grizzly and cattle.
SolutionDrift fence to keep cattle north of Carol Lake. Constant range riding to prevent cattle getting sick on vetch and to reduce chance of grizzly getting habituated on cattle.

Forest Stewardship with Road Deactivation

DateJuly 2006
LocationCariboo Chilcotin Region
Company NameTolko Industries Ltd.
Development  ProposalCariboo Woodlands Forest Stewardship Plan
Summary of issues and mitigation strategy– Road Access:  We support 100% deactivation of all block roads, spur roads, watershed roads, and main-haul roads where possible. We are totally opposed to any loop roads for obvious reasons.- Backcountry Objective:  We see that the backcountry objective for the South Chilcotin is to maintain only 30% backcountry, but the majority of it is used around the Big Creek Park.We support maintaining the buffer around Big Creek Park, combined with road deactivation.The Taseko backcountry is 70%.This combined with road deactivation is workable. Maintain visual quality in Taseko area for tourism operator (need to consult operators). Wildlife management for Taseko/ Big Creek area This requires 100% road deactivation. We support 100% road deactivation.

Road Construction

LocationHurley River Road
Company NameNomis Resource Group
Development ProposalHurley / Lone Goat Gravel Pit
Summary of issuesMoose displacement from prime habitat during road reconstruction.
SolutionSummer work schedule.

Watershed Designation

DateDecember 2007
LocationAnderson Lake
Company NameBC Ministry of Environment
Development ProposalCommunity Watershed Designation
Summary of issuesNo issues

Road Deactivation

DateJanuary 2008
LocationSouth Chilcotin Mountains
Company NameIntrawest Timber
Development ProposalTyaughton Mud / Nooxe Creek Watershed Risk Assessment and Road Deactivation
Summary of issuesOld logging roads washing out.
SolutionDeactivate or water bar roads wherever it’s suitable and needed.


DateMarch 2008
LocationDownton Lake, Bridge River Valley (British Columbia)
Company NameMax Pacific Power Inc.
Development ProposalWaterpower Project Cluster (Run-of-River Power)
Summary of issues and mitigation strategy– Bridge River: Potential displacement of grizzly from prime habitat during construction.- Nichols River: Potential displacement of grizzly from prime habitat during construction.- McParion Creek: Prime moose area – potential displacement of moose during construction. Prime grizzly area – potential displacement of grizzly during construction. This project has high potential to displace grizzly from the west end of Downton Lake. A good mitigation plan is required.- ZZ Creek: Potential displacement of grizzly from prime habitat during construction.


DateMarch 2008
LocationCarpenter Lake, Bridge River Valley (British Columbia)
Company NameMax Pacific Power Inc.
Development ProposalWaterpower Project Cluster (Run-of-River Power)
Summary of issues and mitigation strategy– Truax Creek: Limited concerns for wildlife. Limit road development along south side of Carpenter Lake to meet LRMP directives.- Rob Creek: Limited concerns for wildlife. Limit road development along south side of Carpenter Lake to meet LRMP directives.- Tommy Creek: Year-round mountain goat ranges on west side of Tommy Creek. Limit road development along south side of Carpenter Lake to meet LRMP directives.- Keary Creek: Year-round mountain goat ranges on west side of Keary Creek and critical winter range. Limit road development and deactivate road when done. Limit road development along south side of Carpenter Lake to meet LRMP directives.- Yalakom Creek: No issues on powerline.

Logging Cutblocks

DateMarch 2014
LocationLiza Lake, Bridge River Valley (British Columbia)
Company NameInterwest Timber
Development ProposalCutblocks
Summary of issuesThe proposed cutblock is part of an important migration route for Big Horn Sheep. A large land slide in the area causes deep snow drifts in the winter that the sheep cannot travel through so they must use the adjacent forest for travel. The cutblock encompasses this vital travel corridor.
SolutionAdd a 50m retention buffer around cutblock keep all trees larger than 75 cm.


LocationSouth corner of Chilcotin Ark
Company NameShe Shreds Snowmobiling
Development ProposalTenure for snowmobiling
Summary of issuesCompany hasn’t accurately assessed impact on mountain goat, moose and grizzly bear. Did consult with First Nations and businesses in the area.
SolutionReassess impact on wildlife and consult with all stakeholders

Helicopter Use in Parks

LocationSouth Chilcotin Mountains and Big Creek Provincial Parks
Company NameBlackcomb Helicopters
Development ProposalSwitch from float plane to helicopter use without licence
Summary of issuesBlackcom Helicopters purchased Tyax Air. They then stopped using the float plane and used helicopters mid-season without any licence or government permission to do so. As long as they don’t guide clients, they are only transporters and can drop off clients anywhere and don’t have to follow the commercial recreation licence rules
SolutionThe company needs to follow proper procedure and ensure they follow all regulations such as observing the 1,500m no fly zone regulation from mountain goats and mountain goat habitat to prevent wildlife displacement

Intensive Use Site

LocationWhite Cap Mountain
Company NameWhite Cap Resorts
Development ProposalSauna site application for a small intensive use site
Summary of issuesNo issues, proper procedure followed

Park Ranger Cabin

DateSpring – summer 2022
LocationSpruce Lake, South Chilcotin Mountains
Company NameBC Parks
Development ProposalCabin for park rangers
Summary of issuesSmall lodge proposed to be built by BC Parks on the edge of Spruce Lake. Conflict between BC Parks and local cabin owners as well as conservation and stewardship of the area. First Nations and the public were not consulted about this
SolutionSo far, none found

Trail Development

LocationLick Creek Trail into South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park
Company NameTrails Committee, Bridge River Valley Community Association
Development ProposalBike trail development to ATV trail
Summary of issuesThis narrow trail to the alpine is used by horse riders and hikers who are mostly alienated by mountain bike users. Now, the company plan to develop it to allow ATV access right to the alpine. This would displace mountain goats, bears and mule deer from their prime habitat. Horse and hike users would be further alienated due to the dangers of an encounter with a motorized vehicle
SolutionChoose a more suitable area for ATV trail development