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Citizen Science

Citizen science

Are you looking to contribute to research in the Chilcotin Ark as you visit the area through citizen science?

Record your observations and share them to strengthen the database and knowledge about wildlife in the Chilcotin Ark. We utilize the collected data to monitor species populations and gain information about current trends.

Fill in the online wildlife survey to share your observations.

We have an extensive database and the resources to help you with your project. Contact us here to enquire about your options.

You can download a wildlife sighting form PDF to take notes on the way and fill in the online form later.

Report Your Bear Sightings

We are looking to document any incidents of human-bear conflict or confrontation in the Chilcotin Ark. If you encounter a grizzly or black bear, please let us know by reporting your sighting! You can email the Chilcotin Ark Institute here.

If possible, please provide us with the following information:

  • Date & time
  • Location – as specific as possible
  • Type of bear
  • Gender of the bear
  • Behaviour – aggressive, defensive, feeding etc

Due to increasing numbers of visitors to the park, the bears are becoming desensitised to human activity. By keeping records of human-bear conflict, we are able to see where particularly aggressive bears may be in the park and recommend which areas visitors should either avoid or be extra cautious. We hope that by being proactive and keeping a distance, the bears will remain wild.
Before going out in the park, please make sure you check out our Bear and Cougar Safety Brochure.

Bear and Cougar Safety Cover
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For the bears and your own safety, please ensure you are educated in how to store food, pack-out garbage, identify different species of bear, how to use your bear spray and what to do in an encounter.