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Research Facilities

Ranch-based Research Station

Research facilities

Our wilderness stewards live and work here. This facility includes a computer-based data retrieval system, paper files and maps. These files contain over 30 years of detailed data collection and analysis. The ranch-based research station includes multiple facilities to serve as a base for our twenty-five research camps.

25 Wilderness Research Base Camps

We use 25 wilderness base camps in and outside BC’s parks under long term lease, licence or permits with cabin and/or tent accommodation located in the south eastern part of the Chilcotin Ark. These research camps are our base for on-the-ground data collection and conservation projects. Our wilderness research camps allow us to observe wildlife in their natural habitat and assess the impact of humans on the area without greater disturbance, such as air-traffic based wildlife counts.

Our research facilities are operated and maintained by our partner, Bridge River Valley Accommodation. To find out more about them and the facilities, visit their website, our Our Partners page.