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We want to empower everyone, locals and people from around the world, to leave a positive impact on the environment.

To establish and maintain sustainable land management, the focus needs to be on changing people’s awareness towards nature, themselves and others. Our partners offer resources for everyone to step up and have the impact on the environment they seek to have.

Wilderness Training Academy

The Wilderness Training Academy’s holistic approach to personal development and wilderness skills reaches far beyond teaching practical skills. Personal Development, Connection to Nature and Conservation and Stewardship of our environment are the core aspects that shape the programs. Each training program is part of the journey with yourself, guiding you to identify and live your interests, goals and purpose. 

Check out the Wilderness Training Academy‘s programs to learn more about online and practical training courses like the Wilderness Steward Training Program

Go Wild

The North American Wildlife Conservation Model identifies hunting and conservation as overlapping activities and interests. However, the lack of knowledge, education and collaboration creates conflict between non-hunters and hunters. The two groups are often misunderstood by one another; yet they share a common goal: To conserve the environment that everybody benefits from and depends on. Go Wild’s work investigates the potential and relevance of both groups  to enhance conservation efforts by examining economic, ecological and social values. 

Go Wild’s vision is to address misunderstandings between hunters and non-hunters and communicate the responsibility for stewardship taken on by both groups to maximize the potential of everyone to preserve nature and wilderness in a united effort. 
Check out the Go Wild initiative where everyone is invited to join and learn together from nature and each other.